Event Medical Cover and Event First Aid Cover

Avium provide First Aid and Medical cover a variety of outdoor events but specialise in providing medical and safety cover for remote and extreme events where our personnel and equipment come into their own.

Our team comprises highly skilled medics with a passion for pre-hospital care in the outdoors where we live, work and play. Our expertise comes from these Ski Patrollers and Mountain Rescue Personnel as well as Doctors and Nurses, who all have passion for sport and the outdoors. The varied background of the team gives us a huge pool of knowledge, skills and experience which we can adapt to a myriad of events or sports.

Avium Ltd provides event companies with a professional, energetic and focused team to take care of their needs. We consistently provide a level of cover which event organisers can put their faith in year after year that’s why our portfolio of events continues to expand.

Without exception, our team are fully briefed, appropriately equipped and highly motivated for all events we cover. We believe in giving exceptional service, if a competitor suffers an injury that shouldn’t mean that they have a poor event experience, having a friendly, experienced and professional medical team makes all the difference.

Why not contact us to see how our team can complement your event.

Some of the events and companies we work with: